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What we do ?

Extreme Edge is a company that specializes in the customization of sportswear for any kind of sport. If you need uniforms for your rugby team, jerseys for your soccer team, or outfits for your cheerleading squad, we have everything you need right under our roof. We specialize not only in the creation of the clothing that will be worn by your athletes, but also in the printing of various unique and customized designs for these.

Extreme Edge uses the latest technology in printing designs on your jerseys and this is the dye sublimation method. This printing method gives you high quality, detailed prints that are photo-lab quality, giving you the kinds of jerseys that are world-class. This produces the kind of jerseys that you see being worn by professional leagues locally and around the world. Located at 74 5th Av, Geduld, Springs, 1559. Extreme Edge accepts orders for any type of jersey and sportswear. To find out more about our products and services, contact us at 082 797 1737.


About Sublimation.

Traditional screen printing covers fabric with ink, making it nearly impossible for air or moisture to pass through. The sublimation process dyes the fabric with colour, which helps maintain the fabrics wicking characteristics (the ability to breathe and let moisture through), ideal for sport or trade industry; because the process dyes each thread of the fabric, there is no peeling, flaking or noticeable colour change

. When the sublimating cycle (including heating and pressure) is completed, the image has been transferred to the garment and has actually become a part of the fabric. You can run your finger across the surface of sublimation and feel nothing.

For high quality printing on breathable fabric, sublimation cannot be beat.  In short - You get the highest quality garment, in rich, long lasting colour.

Extreme Edge offers a full sublimation service on many different types and weights of polyester to assist in providing the perfect garment for your requirements. There are no manufacture minimums which means that individual sports such as golf, tennis, cycling and running can also benefit from this technology with turnaround times as little as 1-4 weeks.